Tender ​17

Vintage Sea-Toy

This new little Tender, available in several finishing “packs”, is the ideal object to replace your sailboat on windless summer days… .fishing, water skiing, swimming…. Its deck flanked by a generous flat surface will be used to put up the lockers, or, once covered with teak to ensure these ladies, a “king size” sunbathing area.

Technical data

LOA 5,05m
Beam 1,95m
Draft 0,30m
Displacement empty  450kg 
Keel  nc 
Rig (Mast & Boom) nc
Sails area nc
Engine 115hp max
Construction sandwich Glass
EC Category D
Cabins nc
Architect Black Pepper®
Builder Black Pepper®
Concept & Design M.de Franssu
Launched 2020
Crew 5

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Code 3


Code C.68 - Black pepper Yachts - Catamaran - Multihull

Code C.69

Tender 24

Tender 17

Tender 17